Case Studies

Barrick Bulyanhulu and Kibali: Stope Scanning

Shadowing in CMS scans was a perennial challenge at Barrick’s Bulyanhulu and Kibali sites. Surveyors were unable to obtain accurate and complete production data using the traditional pole-mounted CMS scanning method, particularly in larger, more inaccessible stopes. Missing data affected the calculation of mine material volumes for end-of-month reconciliation.

See how they solved this issue and now have safer mine operations, and are collecting high resolution data with no shadowing for more accurate end-of-month material reconciliation and the improved ability to identify and remediate safety hazards within stopes.

Shadowing is obviously a big part of what we were trying to eliminate. With the CMS, you’ve just got one position and if you’ve got an edge, it doesn’t scan at the bottom, past that edge. By contrast, the Hovermap is going down and picking up all the small places the CMS didn’t.

~George FoucheBarrick Chief Mine Surveyor, Kibali