Use Cases
How does Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) work?

Emesent Aura’s Real-Time Kinematics (RTK) allows scanning without the need to lay out or georeference ground control targets – accelerating time from scan to insight for Hovermap vehicle and above ground drone-based scans. Download the brochure to learn more.

Case Studies
Rapid, comprehensive, versatile 3D data capture for a 2km roadway

A topographic and a tree survey were required for a 2.3km main arterial route in New South Wales to upgrade the road and create paths and bike lanes. Learn how it was completed in this case study.

Use Cases
18 Ways 3D Lidar Scanning Drives Successful Turnarounds

Plant turnarounds, or TARs, in the oil and gas sector are highly complex and challenging operations that demand meticulous planning, precise execution, and seamless coordination. Find out more in this ebook.

Use Cases
22 Ways 3D LiDAR Scanning Elevates Capital Project Execution Outcomes

Transform your digital workflows and processes with Hovermap’s fast, accurate, versatile 3D reality capture. Learn more in our latest ebook.

Case Studies
Leveraging 3D Data for Decision-Making in Public Safety

Find out how Emesent Hovermap’s 3D capture and visualization capabilities help first responders plan and prepare for their next big incident response in this ebook. 

Case Studies
Barrick Bulyanhulu and Kibali: Stope Scanning

Shadowing in CMS scans was a perennial challenge at Barrick’s Bulyanhulu and Kibali sites. Surveyors were unable to obtain accurate and complete production data using the traditional pole-mounted CMS scanning method, particularly in larger, more inaccessible stopes. Missing data affected the calculation of mine material volumes for end-of-month reconciliation.

Case Studies
Pinpointing a Blockage in an Inaccessible Hydro Station Tunnel

When a station in Hyltebruk in southwest Sweden was alerted to a surface level sinkhole above a water tunnel, they needed to locate and investigate the rockfall and probable deterioration of the tunnel’s concrete lining.

Case Studies
Osprey Integrity Speeds up Natural Disaster Recovery with Fast, Accurate Data Capture

After a natural disaster, repairing critical infrastructure can take years, making it difficult to return to life as usual.

Case Studies
Simplifying Detailed Data Capture to Create a Digital Twin of a Complex Onshore Compressor Station

Digitally capturing 3D point cloud data for oil and gas assets presents unique challenges and opportunities.

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