Converting Structures to Digital Twins with Hovermap

You too can build a more accurate BIM with Emesent Hovermap. Our experts from Moniterra 3D will be exploring how they reduce time on site and capture high-quality colorized point clouds that can be easily processed into project deliverables.

Enhanced panoramic insights for Hovermap point clouds

Hear about the new end-to-end workflow from data capture to final deliverables for the powerful combination of LiDAR plus panoramic images. 

Hovermap’s new option for airborne survey missions

Discover Emesent Hovermap’s new option for airborne Survey missions – the American-made Freefly Astro Drone.

Emesent Aura’s latest developments

Major capabilities have been released over the last few months, with more great things to come. We’re kicking off the new year with a review of the Aura platform — and to introduce our latest developments in the Aura 1.4 release. 

Revolutionizing Construction Efficiency – The Impact of Rapid Indoor Mapping on Project Time and Cost Savings

What single action can save 20-40% of construction costs, in addition to providing compounding ROI for the life of a facility? Rapid Indoor mapping is transforming project landscapes across various construction sectors, offering benefits from enhanced safety and automation to improved efficiency in renovations and adaptive reuse.

Webinar: Commander App & Firmware 3.0

Watch this webinar to hear how Emesent is replacing the controller software ‘Air Marshal’ with a new app called Emesent Commander. Commander controls the execution of missions and simplifies workflows.

Webinar: Emesent Aura 1.2

A major update to Emesent’s processing and visualization software, Aura, will be launched soon. Hear more about the latest updates and improvements in this webinar.

Webinar: The Role of Autonomous Robots in Post-Blast Mining

Emesent CTO and co-founder Dr Farid Kendoul will explore his vision for the role of autonomous robots in improving safety while minimizing operational down-time in post-blast mining environments.

Webinar: Powerful Decision Support with Data-driven Insights for Defense & First Responders

Mobile mapping over longer distances or in some of the more challenging, featureless environments has been limited by LiDAR capabilities – until now.

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